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Ya im an idiot

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ok so i get my motronix CAI, and start to install it. im just about done and decide to fire up the car and make sure that all is well. so it starts up fine, then dies instantly. i was like SHIT, then try again. no go... me and my buddy fucked around with it for nearly an hour, taking the CAI off, checking sensors, cross-referencing with his car (bmw as well) and seeing if it would produce the same thing.
so anyways. i get this bright idea that i should turn the part of the intake around (dont ask why, its just at this point i was out of ideas and it was starting to rain) , i remember we had to take it off for a second to get the CAI pipe in properly, sure enough it started up and kept an idle. I Was like Holly sh1t!!
that was all it was, i cant beleive that the sensor inside the tube needs to be facing a certain way to get proper reading even though upon looking , it appears to be of no matter.

lesson learned im an idiot. no matter the CAI sounds badass! :thumbs
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Yea how much horsepower does that add to your car? Can you feel the difference?
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