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Heres what the car does, put key in and turn it on, cluster lights all come on normal. Turn the key to start, and nothing (motor doesnt turn over). I tried to jump the starter selenoid which threw a spark and the car started up fine. I then put the car outside, it sat one day, I go in to start it and nothing. :conf SOOO, I replace the starter/selenoid just to be safe thinking that the selenoid is definately bad. After the install, SAME THING no start. I then check the power at the starter, have 12V at the big lug, but no power on the little wire that triggers the starter when you turn the key to start. What is my next move to get this thing running?!

Heres a quick version...
-Car wouldnt start
-Tapped starter and tried jumping it (threw a random spark)
-Car started
-Put outside over night
-Car wouldnt start
-Changed starter/selenoid (logically thinking it was surely the prob)
-Car wont start
-Check power at starter, 12V supply, NO 12v to engage selenoid
-Battery is charged
-Tried "valet" key
-No fuses blown

Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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