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I have a 93 325is, i tried to use the wiper fluid and the motor came on and then slowed to a stop. I figured the motor probably burned out since it was about -20 degrees and the fluid was probably frozen. I checked the fuses, checked out ok. Now that im in CA where its warmer i put a new pump in and it did the same thing... Started and then slowed to a stop.

I took the motor out and connected it directly to a 12V source and it worked fine. I plugged a volt meter up to the wires and check the voltage and its putting out about 10-12 volts.

Another interesting thing...when the wiper pump is pluged in the wipers don't come on when i pull the lever towards me to try and use the fluid. When the pump is disconnected and i pull the lever, the wipers cycle through their 3 cycles as they should.

Please help, im very confused....
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