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I'm debating between going to an indy shop to have my DRL turned off, or replacing the stock low/high beam H7/55W bulbs with LED bulbs.

Apparently, some run LED bulbs (3,9,15,18,24 or 32 led) as an alternative to their stock DRL. The LEDs cost about the same amount (or less) you'd have to pay an indy shop to turn the DRL off and you can get LEDs in various color tones: 6000K (xenon white), 7000K (neon white), 8000K (bluish), 9000K (purple). A quick search on eBay provides tons of options.

So, I'd like to know if there's anyone out there running LEDs instead of the stock low/high beam - what brand do you use, what's your experience with them, and how do they look.

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