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Hey folks,

I'm close to buying a 2006 4.4 e53 and would like to do a non-staggered 19" rim setup...I don't want to put 20" as I'd like to keep some comfort with the ride, but don't want to compromise on the looks either, hence I'm looking for existing options and pics if possible for a 19" config...

I like the 177 style rims and was wondering if anyone has them installed in a non-staggered config for F+R. If yes, which ones did you use: 9x19 or 10x19?...I was thinking of the following setup : 177 style with 285/45/19 tires

Any pics would be greatly appreciated.


1. Any 19" non-OEM replicas worth looking into?
2. If I put 285/50/19 instead of 285/45/19, according to this Tire Size Calculator, the spedometer reading would be by 4% slower...can the reading be corrected via programming?
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