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Wheel Bearings...

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How can you tell if your wheel bearings are bad... And can you replace one at a time or should you replace all 4 at the same time>..
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It'll make a lot of noise and you'd know it!! Why, what's up w/ your ride??
When i am making a left turn getting into a parking space the front left wheel makes a weird noise... nothing too bad but it gets annoying.
Don't crank the wheel all the way and hold'll do damage..might be steering pump..
its only the left front wheel so I thought it might be a bearing..... My front shocks are shot so after I get my new suspension installed maybe it will go away :rolleyes:
Could be a busted CV joint or CV boot. You may want to get that checked out.
because its only when its turning slow one direction its not a cv joint or bearing. if it was a cv joint youd hear ticking when driving. If it was a bearing... youd know it was a bearing. Like the car pulling hard to one direction and lots of noise and very unsmooth ride.

something to do with power steering
I washed the car and the noise went away :bravo
check for a leak when it come to the power steering check for a leak. mine has a small leak, and if not attended to it could get worse and then cause problems. typically on BMW's they leak around the hose clamp up near the PS resevoir.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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