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This is my dilima wanting to drop some $$$$ on my car for such things as rebuilding and turboing and looking for around 300 to 425hp.

I have an 86 es motor that i could rebuild but i also can pick up an 88is motor for really cheap the ? is witch one has more potrntial?

Ok so i know that people tend to take the b25 head and put it with the b27 block witch ive heared u end up with any thing from around 170 to 190hp.

The b27 motor also has a lower CR than the b25 and has an even lower CR after switching out the heads but when looking to turbo a car isnt that what u want a lower CR?

Know on the other hand the b25 motor has a higher rev limit witch tends to tell me that it might be more suitable for the power gain that im looking for.

Any suggestions or thoughts please!!!! Thanks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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