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Currently, when travelling in Vietnam you can choose motorbikes, coaches, trains, airplanes... there are many options for transportation for you. However, according to Vietnamese youth, travelling by motorbikes is the number one option, full of fun here. When travelling by motorbikes, you can take the initiative in your schedule, can go to more places, even to small villages, where the terrain is difficult to reach by cars.
If you are a traveller who has never travelled by motorbikes in Vietnam, you do not have much experience to have the best experience, you can follow the content below. Style motorbikes will guide you on all things to do and need to know to rent a motorbike to travel in Vietnam. We will tell you how to rent a reliable motorbike, preventive measures proactively so you can have a safe trip.

Before you ride.
Before you decide to use a motorbike for your travels, you need to carefully consider your ability to drive; understanding Vietnamese laws and terrain; your confidence level. You should be a previous driver to make sure you can handle unexpected situations on the road and not violate traffic laws in Vietnam. You should consider carefully to ensure your own safety.
Besides, you also need to prepare sufficient papers for this. You need to prepare a Vietnamese motorcycle license or equivalent and an international driver's license. However, there are some international driving licenses from some unrecognized countries in Vietnam. Having an accredited license is required to confirm any travel insurance claim in the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident, so be prepared to be prepared. Best.
Can I legally rent a motorbike in Vietnam?


If you decide to rent a motorbike, do some research before you begin to see if IDP from your country is recognized by the Vietnamese government. You should research this on the official website of the government of the country you visit, as legal information on tourist forums can quickly become outdated or misleading.
Many travellers ride motorcycles without proper documentation; and in Hoi An, there have been very few reported cases of a tourist being lured by this (unlike in the south in Mui Ne, where the police are constantly pulling backpackers). Appropriate documents will be required in case you have a serious accident and want to apply for your travel insurance.
If you don't want to complete complicated legal procedures and plan to ride around town, you can rent a 50cc scooter or electric bike. A license is not required to go either.

Insurance and Road Rules

We recommend travel insurance to minimize the costs that you incur if an accident occurs. Even if you are not seriously injured, you may be responsible for the injuries of others in a collision. In some cases, you may be kept in the country until you pay all medical bills for anyone who is injured (possibly up to thousands of dollars). Some rental agencies also offer insurance, so research this.


Finally, when renting a motorbike you will need to know the traffic laws in Vietnam, although Vietnamese traffic seems chaotic, there are driving laws that most locals (usually) follow. Speed limits for motorbikes in residential areas are 40 km / h and 60 km / h on motorways. Cars have a slightly higher speed limit and you always have to go on the right margin and let them pass. Weaving through traffic is illegal and although you will see taxis or cyclists doing this often, don't follow their examples! Follow these laws along with wearing a helmet (also required by law) and you're about to leave.
Why should I rent a motorbike instead of buying one?
Some argue that buying and selling motorbikes in Vietnam will be more efficient to use than renting one. However, this is only true if you plan to stay here for a long time and have a flexible schedule. If you're here for a short time, renting a car will save you money and don't need to buy and resell when you leave. This is really not convenient for a foreign tourist. Remember that rentals can be extremely cheap here.
You will often find that your accommodation in Vietnam can provide you with a motorbike rental service for as low as VND 116,000 (USD 5) per day. This is a good option if you just want to go around town.
However, without the assistance of a motorbike rental company, you may have to deal with bike maintenance issues and be forced to pay for repairs on your journey through Vietnam, which This will make your cost no longer so cheap.

Reputable Rental Companies

For this reason, we recommend you to choose a reputable motorbike rental company in Vietnam. Many rental companies offer a 24/7 helpline, quality motorbike maintenance and on-road repair costs. They also usually provide full helmets, which you will have to buy on your own. The higher cost, usually up to 232,000 VND (10 USD) per day, worth your support and peace of mind.
Another benefit of using a motorbike rental company in Vietnam is the one-way ride option. For example, you choose the service at Style motorbikes, if you have a trip across Vietnam, you can rent a car in Hanoi and return the car in Ho Chi Minh City without having to return to Hanoi. Or such a beautiful trip through Hai Van Pass from Hue to Hoi An. Motorcycle rental companies will deliver your luggage to a destination in Vietnam at no additional cost, and many have offices in major tourist centres where you can return the car (even if you from another place).
What is a motorbike suit for your need?
The motorcycle market in Vietnam is very diverse and can meet the needs of many people. Below Style Motorbikes introduces you to a few vehicles you can choose from.
Electric Scooter
While it's not really a motorcycle, electric scooters (or electronic scooters) are a great option to consider if you just want to make day trips around town. You will find motorbike rental shops that provide scooters equivalent to 50cc and you do not need a driver's license in Vietnam. You should check with your insurance on insurance when driving even these bikes. They are not something you want to consider for trips too far from the city.


If you are unfamiliar with motorbikes, you can opt for a fully automatic vehicle. With this bike, you do not need to worry about shifting or letting the car stop waiting for the red light. Your feet will always be placed under the front of the scooter, always dry and comfortable while driving.
This car will be a great choice for city trips, on paved roads. With convenient advantages for users, this vehicle also has some disadvantages. Compared to a manual transmission, an automatic car will consume more fuel, often larger in size so it is cumbersome. As we said, this automatic vehicle is suitable for asphalt roads, so it will not be selected for hilly roads. You should not, and maybe in some places, you will be banned from using scooters when climbing the mountain because this vehicle will be dangerous for you. In this case, you should choose a car with gearbox and adjust manually for a safer ride.


A semi-automatic motorcycle provides more power than the automatic type. Useful for conquering the mountains at higher speeds. The semi-auto is also thinner and is suitable for one person.
Manual transmission vehicles are often cheaper than the above vehicles. These cars are often rented by backpackers. Although this vehicle is more difficult to control than scooters or semi-automatic vehicles, it provides more certainty when travelling on different types of terrain. Although these cars are cheaper, they have higher durability and use less fuel. It also has many differences types of displacement for you to choose.

Before renting and using, you need to check to make sure your car is not damaged and can be safe during driving.
• Start the motorbike and see if it holds up well.
• Check the front and rear turn signals as well as the brake lights.
• Sound the horn and make it easy to sound loud and loud. You will use it often!
• Check the condition of tires. If they are bald, then you may not have good traction in the rain.
• Erect the car's central support, turning the rear wheel to make sure it does not shake or vibrate.
• Ride a motorbike to test drive, and check both brakes. They should feel tight and allow you to stop quickly. If not, then they can fix this on the spot.
• After a test drive at a higher speed for 15 minutes or longer, stop and let the engine idle a little. Make sure the engine is still working the same way when you first start it. Make sure it doesn't 'kick' or perform in an unstable manner.
• Turn off your motorbike after the engine warms up after a long test trip. Wait a moment to see if there are any oil leaks, an indication that the engine is not in good condition.
Whether you are a novice or have a lot of driving experiences in Vietnam and no matter what type of vehicle you choose, enjoy your ride. Don't worry about the traffic, enjoying the natural beauty, watching the beautiful beaches and snowy mountains are the most important things you want to do when you come to Vietnam.
What about your concerns, difficulties in choosing a car or x to Style Motorbikes support.

You can contact us at the information below:
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