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This week We were looking back at some old EBC Brake photos and brochures from 'days gone by' which then got us talking about the first vehicles we all owned (some of these can be seen in our new 'Taking a Break' YouTube series Taking a Brake with the EBC Team | Episode 1: Group CEO, James Hallett - YouTube

So, the question We have is what was the first vehicle you owned and what was so special or, not so special about it?
Was there anything 'quirky' about it? Did it have a name? Did you do any special upgrades to it?

We would love to see photos of your first vehicle and will be sending some free EBC goodies (Cap, Mug, Pen, Lanyard, you know the sort of things!) to a randomly selected forum user.

Get searching for those old photos in those attics/lofts/garages/under parent's beds or just on your phone or computer if you are from the younger generation.

We can't wait to see what you all used to drive, and I am sure occasionally push!

My first car was a Renault GT Turbo Raider with the colour coded wheels. No real modifications to be done so kept it standard, which in those days was more than enough. I wish I still had it as it would have made me a small fortune......

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