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What type of BMW do you own? (Or previously owned)

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A year now with the 1993 325i.
Let me tell's been an odyssey.
I had one thing after another go on me...heater core, various hoses, clutch fan, basically the entire cooling system, head gasket...
It's lucky for me that I have mechanical experience. With the amount of time and parts I've put into it, I'd be out of pocket literally thousands of dollars. I think this Bimmer is living up to it's Nick...Broke My Wallet. I suppose it serves me right for buying a lemon...especially a lemon with near obsolete and expensive parts (at least around these parts).
I must say that for my first Bimmer I am not impressed. Knock on's still running and gets me from point A to point B.
61 - 80 of 103 Posts
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