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Firstly, we need to be clear that throttle body needs cleaning when the engine idle is rough, the engine stumbles through acceleration, or the Check Engine Light comes on. When road grime, carbon, and other materials embed in the components that make up the throttle body, the vehicle's ability to efficiently burn fuel is reduced.

To clean the throttle body is pure manual and there are many instructions online, but what after that? You need to re-calibrate it, to let car computer know that the clean process is done. And in other cases, like power shut down, replace new throttle, replace related control units, all need re-calibrate/relearn.

The car in this case is Benz 2014 212chassis, it’s throttle was just cleaned and need to do this process to stabilize engine idle.


Ignition is set to ON

Internal combustion engine

No operation on accelerator pedal

No CAN fault in traction system

Coolant liquid temperature between 5-100℃

Air intake temperature is not higher than 40℃


Choose the correct system path: ECM(Engine control module)-service function-stop learning throttle position

And the screen displays live data for engine rpm, coolant liquid temp., turbocharger boost sensor temp., gas paddle sensor

If any of the readings is not meeting the requirement, the tool won’t allow you to proceed

Tap OK on artimini to start throttle learning process and after a min, the process is completed.

Each car model and make has different way to do this, but I think the way to confirm if it succeed is to check engine idle.

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After cleaning the throttle body, it is best to use the diagnostic electric Du brain to do the initialization setting. Many models can also manually match the throttle body. After matching, the idle speed will be stable and the fuel consumption will be the most economical. If there is no difference between observing the idle speed and before cleaning, it means that the engine is working normally and there is no problem. You can use it at ease and observe the fuel consumption for a period of time. Matching is not required after cleaning the injector.

Now cars are equipped with electronic throttle bodies, so are BMW. Different from the previous cable throttle, after cleaning the carbon deposit, it is better to use the diagnostic computer to reset the electronic throttle body, so as to make the engine in the best working state. If the throttle body is not matched, it can be used, and there may be slight shaking phenomenon!
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