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What are the wheels called?

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I know they are Mille Miglia, but what model ???

I am going to sell them, and I am not sure what model they are.
The center cap says 1000 on it.



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that 1000 is part of their logo thingy...but i think your best bet is to try or if someone knows it off the top of their head
They're not on Tire Rack. :(

I have no idea what they are worth either !??
when did u get those? i though u had MMII's ;)
email [email protected] he should be able to tell u

I do have the MM II's.
These are my winter wheels and tires.

I am planning on selling them..... need some cash!!!

Any ideas on what I should sell the 4 of them for ?

I am selling the tires to. They are Bridgestone Winter Radials WT-05 225/45/17 with alot of tread left.

How much should I ask for the complete set of wheels and tires? Or for just the wheels ??

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