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Hi All,

To make a long story short AVOID buying from Weathertech! They have an arrogant attitude and will admit NO wrongdoing. It must be nice to have so much business that you can just piss off good paying customers any time you want!

Last Thursday morning I purchased a new car an immediately called to order new floor mats to protect the carpet from the road salt. I called at 11:50 a.m. on Dec 28th to make sure my mats would go out that day. The gentleman I was speaking to quoted me $58.00 for second day and $88.00 (grab your ankles) for next day air but I was assured the mats could ship and were in stock. I decided that because the mats were in stock and Fed-X ground is usually three days for me, from the Mid West, I'd order them ground. I even said to the guy taking my order that if Monday was going to be my second day delivery that I should have them buy Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest with ground shipping and he agreed. Well that was on the 28th of December. Today I called them because they never sent me a tracking number. I was told the mats never shipped and that I would not see them until Jan 12th!!!!! Lets see that's 16 SIXTEEN days for something that should have taken three at the most!

The first woman I spoke with today was totally and inappropriately rude and said that my mats NEVER would have shipped out same or even the next day and that no one there would have ever insinuated that they would have. Her tone and attitude was so bad I could not even respond and just said “please cancel my order” “ok” was the response. She did not care one iota about losing a customer only that she, in her mind, was RIGHT. After I cooled down I called back to speak with a manager and he was no better. The conversation went like this.. The guy on the phone starts with “well you missed Thursday, as a shipping day, so now it's only Wednesday, and we had the holiday so that's really only three business days.” “Missed Thursday? I was told, by you, that you could ship Thursday for a Friday delivery or Thursday day for a second day Monday delivery so how is it that I missed Thursday?” “Well if you pay for expedited (grab your ankles) service you are automatically bumped to the head of the line for delivery and all other customers wait in the line for shipment.” “So regular customers that pay the $15.00 ground shipping have to wait roughly 7 or more total days before the item even leaves your warehouse?”

You can see where this went NO WHERE. All he kept saying was that delivery is quoted as 7 to 10 days for ground. This is a very, very misleading statement when he had just told me the mats were IN STOCK and they could ship them “same day” Thursday for a Friday delivery and I was calling on Thursday. In my mind I was thinking the mats went out Thursday & Fed-X gets to me from Colorado, which is the same shipping zone as Kansas, in three days 99% of the time so I thought I’d see them Wednesday at the latest! I guess I was supposed to be a mind reader in order to figure out that because I chose not to “grab my ankles” for expedited delivery I would be punished and go to the end of the line of which I was never informed.

The bottom line is this. The mats are in stock but because I did not offer to get raped for expedited delivery the mats would not even leave their factory for approximately seven days! This would have given me a totally delivery time of approximately 16 days. I could ride my bicycle to Kansas quicker than that!

Be very careful when Weathertech quotes 7-10 days for delivery. They are quoting BUSINESS days and not TOTAL DAYS and they DO NOT ship same or next day like 90% of Internet companies but rather they take their sweet old time.

Hell I ordered an iPod interface from Crutchfield fifteen minutes after calling Weathertech and it was here Tuesday with FREE shipping. Weathertech just lost my business for good and I will do my best to see to it that their arrogance costs them at least a hundred sets of mats. It's the least I can do to thank them for the crappy customer service!

P.S. If anyone cares from Weathertech & wants me to stop posting this in automotive forums you will have to ship me the mats NEXT DAY and eat the cost of delivery. I will of course pay for the mats but in light of the horrible customer service I will NOT pay for shipping! You may contact me at [email protected] removethis

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