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Hi all,

I have a 2003 530d.

I have had a few problems that have all manifested over the last couple of days, I'll mention them all in case they are inter-related.

Yesterday, I started the car and drove to the end of the road, when I used the brake at the end the pedal went right down, I pumped it again and it resumed normal resistance/braking, I guessed I would need some fluid and planned to sort it out today.

Today I was driving to the shops and I had a tiny engine flutter (it lost power just for a second or two.) I stopped for a minute and the car started fine, I parked up a few minutes later and the car rested for about an hour, then I drove it a short distance home and half way home the handbrake light came on yellow, the abs light came on yellow and the traction light came on yellow, they stayed on constantly but the car operated normally the rest of the way home (about 1/3 mile.)

Anyone got any ideas? It seems odd that so many lights would come on at once.

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