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the new 2005 Volvo S40 will come in two trims: Standard and T5.

Standard Specs:

Inline 5 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated 2.4L - 168hp @ 6000 | 166 TQ @ 4400

comes in 5 spd man + auto

Not to happy about the Standard....the current S40 has 170 hp and 177 torque....and it looks like this one will be heavier. But it will not be expensive, so hopefully any buyers would get the T5 B) specs on T5 below

2005 Volvo S40 T5

Same engine, with light-pressure turbo. 218 HP @ 5000 :devil [email protected]

Avaliable with a 5spd manual, 6 spd manual :devil , and 5 spd automatic

Avaliable Electronically controlled AWD, FWD.

Built on Focus II chassis, larger aftermarket anticipated by volvo community

Spetsnaz Op's estimated price: 21-24k base :) thats cheaper than the current one
keep in mine this is my personal estimate, which means just about jackshizzat

This car will be specifically designed for taking Jetta, A4, and maybe 3 series customers.
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