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Almost two months ago we debuted Vorsteiner's GT3RS Widebody M3 and now we have much better photos of the vehicle they used to demo the kit. The project vehicle is actually VF Engineering's, a company that specializes in manufacturing superchargers. Their BMW M3 kit has been highly successful within the market and a huge hit amongst fans. EAS (European Auto Source) recently had the vehicle after Bimmerfest, so they decided to do a photoshoot paired with their own project BMW M3.

The photos are a great example of how enthusiasts can really contrast the builds of the cars. The widebody M3 from VF Engineering is clearly the more aggressive one while EAS' own is a nice, clean street car. At the same time though, but are to die for and very worth of eye candy.

VF Engineering has taken the widebody M3 and adopted a nice "stealth fighter" theme to it. And that's really what comes to our mind when we see the car. It's mean, aggressive and ready to drop a bomb on any unsuspecting victim. The graphics on the car is a nice and subtle contrast on the matte green paint and does its job well. We can only imagine how well it performs with that blower under the hood!

More: VF Engineering/Vorsteiner Widebody M3 Shows All Its Sides in Stunning New Photoshoot on
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