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I'm trying to get together a meet at a local speed shop that set up my turbo E30 vert. Verve Motorsports

Date is being Voted on by a few different forums it's probably going to be the friday of whichever weekend(afternoon into wee hours of the morning) possibly on saturday if it works out better for most people. please vote on a weekend that's best for you. as of now, I think I have about 9 votes for May 21st, and about 2 or 3 for the 14th. You are welcomed to stop by the shop at any time/day though of course. I'm there with my boosted e30 a frequently.

He said it'd be cool if we met at his shop and he can run dyno pulls for $50/car and you get 5 pulls. I'll be there with Das Boost, and my buddy's boosted e34 535i might be finished as well. Since it's publicity for the shop he said he can supply food.

as an aspiring chef i'll be catering the meet so let me know what kind of food you guys want.

Let me know when's a good day and we'll try to work it out.

we can go for a cruise through Fort Washington or on Lincoln drive. nice tight turns usually no cops.

I wanna do this soon since my car is running great for now...

Address of Verve Motorsports is
430 virginia drive
Fort Washington Pa, 19034

I'll have my DSLR with various lenses and be taking pictures of cars for people(free!)

I'm bigger on the E30tech forums, but figured I'd post here to make this a bigger all-BMW meet

Anybody(any car) can come by The more the merrier. I'm in the Bimmer scene so that's who I try to get together with, but i dont discriminate

Brand of the dyno is Land And Sea, and it's an eddy current dyno. 99% sure it's the only Eddy Current in the area(he can do partial throttle tuning with it) AFR is included. land and sea is a very nice dyno. He worked on my tune on it when i was making over 512whp(25-29psi) on my e30. dyno is not awd , it CAN handle up to 1500whp

I have a poll for weekends
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