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How difficult is it to adjust the valves on the 89' 325i? I've never done a valve job, is it pretty straight forward or tricky? I have a Bentley manual that outlines it to a tee, however I can't see it being that easy to find TDC for each set of valves. Any input from a seasoned vet???

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Who you calling seasoned?

OK, the way to find it is to place the mated cylinders cam lobes into the cross.

Firing order is 1-5-3-6-2-4
So if number 6 is in cross over then adjust #1.
Crossover is when the cam lobes are both up.

Then 5 when 2 is on crossover.
Then 3 when 4 is in the crossover.
Then 6 when 1 is in the crossover.
Then 2 when 5 is in the crossover.
Then 4 when 3 is in the crossover.

120 degress between adjustments.

This is a m10 so the adjustment amount is different.

As you begin to tighten the nut, keep a steady light pressure on the Allen Wrench (or similar device) since the adjustment cam may want to rotate. Also keep in mind that as you are tightening with one hand, the other hand may want to put extra or not enough pressure on the cam. Try to keep a steady amount of pressure.

The main goal is to tighten it ENOUGH.

Valve cover 9+-1 Nm or SAE 80+-9 in-lb
Valve eccentrics 10+-1 Nm or SAE 89+-9 in-lb

Follow the same procedure with the other ones.

You can use a socket on the crankshaft bolt.

On cars with standard transmissions you can put it in 3rd gear and rock the car to get the engine to the correct position.

On those with a diagnostic plug you can use pin 11 and the jumper there.

Always do it twice, once to set and next to check.

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