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After several requests, we’ve done it. Full Tilt Rally is pleased to announce its 4 day rally. Starting August 21st, Full Tilt Rally will depart Tampa, FL and head out for an amazing adventure. Over the next 4 days and 2,200 miles, Full Tilt Rally will visit New Orleans, Atlanta, Savannah and end in Miami’s glamorous South Beach.
Over the course of the Rally, drivers and co-drivers will have the opportunity to put themselves up against some of the most exotic, luxurious and eccentric vehicles on the planet. Not only will your endurance be tested on the road, your skill will be tested on the track. Full Tilt Rally will be hosting several private track events to allow participants to let loose and see what their cars can do in a controlled, legal manner.
After the days drives and events, each night will also prove a test of a different endurance. Full Tilt Rally will be hosting amazing VIP parties every night. Amazing roads and cars during the day, amazing people and parties each night. Can you think of anything better? Throw in some Full Tilt Girls and a few competitions for several different awards categories and it’s the perfect mix of horsepower, competition and parties for the ultimate rally.
Join us for the fastest rally this year!
Check out the website, Full Tilt Rally or contact me for more information.
Chris Musso
Full Tilt Rally
[email protected]
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