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A longitudinal acceleration sensor is part of a set of sensors (which also include the lateral accelerometer, roll rate, and yaw rate sensors) that are all responsible for the stability of your car as it moves. They're responsible for ensuring that your vehicle body movement is as balanced and controllable as possible by steering wheel.

A very common situation that longitudinal acceleration calibration is needed is disassemble and re-install parking brake module.

And as usual, it’s not the calibration is the difficult part, it the preparation work and don’ts, the calibration is carried out by diagnostic tool.

What need us pay more attention is that ensure the battery voltage over 12.5V and car stay still horizontally and engine is off, shifted to P.

But these days almost all diagnostic tool(I use artimini) that have this service function--Parking Brake Module--have all hints you need for the whole process. So it looks like the daily word is not that hard to work at dealer shop.
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