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Trunk spinning continuously

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I have a '95 740i, and something weird just started happening. The trunk has been working fine, up until a few weeks ago. When I press the trunk release on the key chain, the locking device will keep on spinning even after the trunk is opened. Like it doesn't know that the trunk opened correctly or something. Then when I try to close the trunk, something is obviously not aligned right now, and it won't close. What I then have to do is push the trunk release button on the keys again and it will spin longer than normal again, at which point it re-aligns itself so that I can close the trunk and the motor locks it tight again. Does anybody have any idea why this is happening, or what I can do to fix it? Thanks for the info guys.
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my knowledge of the 7 series bimmers is very minimal but it sounds like your motor may be acting funny what happens when you try to release the trunk manually? does the same thing happen? also is your alarm stock or did you upgrade to an aftermarket on top of the stock one?
put a trunk lock actuator in it
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