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I am very lucky to be one of the few automotive journalists in the world who has driven both the BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra, and I wanted to bring up all the ways the two sports cars felt very different, despite being built on the same platform.

In full disclosure, we didn’t drive the two cars back-to-back, and the Supra we drove was a prototype, while the Z4 driven was a four-cylinder model. Still, many enthusiasts are concerned that since the Z4 and Supra are built in the same place and feature many of the same components, they aren’t going to have a distinct personality. That’s definitely not the case.


OK, the obvious difference here is that the Z4 is a convertible roadster and the Supra is a coupe. Naturally, the BMW vehicle follows a design language that’s more like the rest of the German automaker’s lineup, and based purely on looks, the Supra doesn’t at all look related to the Z4. In fact, the Surpa doesn’t look like any current or past Toyota, either.

But interior-wise, the cars have very marked differences, specifically with the information cluster. The BMW Z4 has a digital dashboard, with a lot of information to offer. The left and ride side of the screen feature a tachometer and speedometer and there’s even some navigation information offered as well. The Supra, on the other hand, features a centrally located tachometer, showing its focus to the driving enthusiast.
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