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Hi all,

I'm a newbie to these forums so forgive me if I ask oft repeated questions. I'm looking at purchasing a '92 750IL. I love the vehicle, it's in superb shape with <90, 000 miles, body is spectacular and I have all the maintenance records. The seller is awfully motivated, as well. ( I think that's dealerspeak for desperate. It's been on their lot for three months.)

My fear is the horror stories of repair costs. I've owned a beemer before (still miss it) and am familiar with how repairs can go but some of the stories are frightening. I don't have the facility to do much of my own work.

Can some of you vintage 750 owners out there give me an idea of what to expect from a well maintained vehicle.

I appreciate any info you care to share.

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Welcome to the Werkz.

If they are really motivated, get them to give you some sort of warranty with it. Have an experienced independant BMW mechanic check it over for you.
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