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I've posted here a handful of times about the joys of owning my '91 525i and all the little headaches it has thrown my way. I just want to give a synopsis of the car's state when I bought it and how it is now.

Purchased just over three years ago:
-Bad trans, slipped infrequently
-Apparent slow coolant leak
-Apparent oil burning
-Steering fluid leak

And now:
-All of the above issues (I've just fed the leaking fluids rather than dealt with the expensive repairs... I know, I know :()
-The tranny slips all day, every day!
-Failed NJ emissions twice, and despite some minor work it failed by a larger margin the second time around
-Bad headgasket seals
-Battery is discharging, just bought a new battery a little less than a month and a half ago to find it dead on Sunday, gave it a successful overnight charge only to find it dead again Tuesday night; haven't found the cause yet
-Hood latch under the steering wheel doesn't work, and the screwdriver trick to open the hood doesn't work anymore, something managed to get screwed up

I'm a college student who's going to transition soon enough from the short commute to school to a potentially much longer commute to work. I don't have much money and got this car and the minor work that's been done on it through my parents' goodwill and my brother's expertise with BMWs. I've admittedly neglected most problems that didn't have a direct bearing on getting from point A to B in a legal fashion, but now with battery charge issues and godawful emission outputs, is it time to just call it quits before sinking more money into my car?

At this point it seems like between the headgaskets, emissions, and potential alternator/other electrical work, it could easily pile up to be a real heap of dough beyond the $2,500 purchase price, just to bring the car back to having a bad trans and its other quirks. I guess I already know the answer, but I managed to get attached to this big ol' broken barge. :D
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