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The ///M in motion

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btw i don't care if you just saw my plates.


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nice car that the wifeys blazer about to pass your ass? :p
Originally posted by SpeedsterBMW@Apr 26 2003, 07:56 AM
nice car that the wifeys blazer about to pass your ass? :p
ya but he was drivin it.. :lol:
who's taking the pics? wife? and who would care if we see the plates, what would we do with thjem
Very nice pics
Originally posted by 325i2NV@Apr 26 2003, 02:32 PM
Very nice pics
thats wha i was goin to say..and nice car man
evry time i see your car it looks better......what kind of tint is that on your car? would that look nice on a white E36?
thanks for the props. The tint is 5% also known as 'limo tint', I actually wanted it a little bit lighter but I like it fine how it is. I think it would look super good on a white E36, but just so you know its illegal.
Looks good, I have never gotten my windows tinted but how is your tint only 5%? I thought it went on a scale from 0% being no tint to 100% having no light penetrate the window. 5% would be a very light tint i would think but from your pictures its incredibly dark. Do i have the rating system backwards?
nice shots cam :)

ya fox, the % represents light transmision, so 0% would be pure black.
yea desmos right....5% is illegal, in pa its 35% i think , but bmws have a factory tint of 3%
wait... 3% is more tint than 5% according to fox.... so how can it be stock? my tint looks very dark and it is stock i am pretty sure... this is confusing :huh:
5% = 5% of the light gets through your tint
35% = 35% light gets through

actually I think they do it according to UV rays.

etc etc
lol ok im sorry let me clear something up

Standard BMW Tint - 97% Light Transmission
35 % tint - 35% Light Transmission
Cams tint - 5% Light Transmission

obviosuly the lower light transmission the darker it is
nice, cam =)

gotta have at least 1 picture of your car in motion baby!

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that very nice tmd, i also liked your older posts in the showroom, very nice B)
Cam the car looks hot.
and i think Limo tint is 5% no?
yeah furious, that what cam said
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