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Hi all, 1995 525i 5SPD 2.5L 285k

One day I replaced my rear calipers and drove to the store to test them. Came out of the store, got in the car, went to start the car and nothing. Everything else works, except the starter.
I tested battery, 12.4, tested ignition switch, there's power. Tested starter, there's power. What I want to do is bypass the EWS II (Black Box w/Yellow square connector). I even picked up a red label DME from a 94 525 with EWS=Off and still won't startup. What I did was, splice wires 1 and 4 from the EWS yellow connector tucked behind the dash. According to the EWS II diagram, wires 1 (Black/Yellow) and 4 (Black/Green) go to the DME/Starter. I concluded it might be a bad starter and currently I'm trying to swap out the starter but, I snapped off the torx bolt head on one of the bolts. I want to make sure I bypassed the EWS correctly. Can anyone confirm I bypassed the EWS correctly by splicing wires 1 and 4 and is there anything I need to do in order to bypass the EWS? I had a 2001 E36 Auto a few yearsd ago and I bypassed the EWSIII (White box/Green lettering) by simply splicing the blue and black (two biggest wires) together.

I greatly appreciate anyone's feedback.

Thanks in advance..
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