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Hello, everyone, I need your help :conf
I once worked in a electronic company in Tianchang city, China. I stayed there more than 3 month, every month I got 800RMB (117.65$). But only I asked my boss for my salary can he gave me. At the first he wanted to give me 300RMB for a part, but not 800 RMB. After we talked with him, he gave us 800 RMB, but he was very angry. He said, he wanted each of us can get 6000$ order within 3 months, then we can got our salary (2400 RMB), and deduct a percentage from a sum of 6000$ order. And in these 3 months,both my friend and I got 7000$ order, and we decided to leave this company cause of the bad boss. But the boss only gave us salaries. And he promised he will put the deduct a percentage from a sum of 6000$ order to our bank card, it was August, and last month, he still said he would give us the money, but till now, he didn't. And he don't reply us, also put us out of his ICQ.
In the pasted three month, we worked hard (from 9 AM to 24 PM), only 2 hours resting. What should we do now, we want to ask a lawer to help us, but it is so complex.:help

Some one else can give us some advices?:help
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