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I am new and believe that there may be two similar 'tan' colors. i do not know which i have, but i would be interested in knowing. there was apparently a mini bonfire on mine and there is a big hole.
i had the same problem with mine
i kinda let my imagination go and i fixed it my self, heres how to do it
they sell in "home depo" a expanding spray foam "i know i said it expanding spray foam",
after spraying the foam on a news paper i used a knife to make it into a liquid "you will need to get rid of the knife after you are done" then you spread like butter till its level,
the next day after its dry and it has expanded you can use a metal knife to cut the exces foam and use some sand paper to smooth the surface to a nice level condition, after that you will notice that the foam you spray is a little more hard than the actual one you can either leave it like that or go to next step.
Next step: wrap the arm rest with some head liner fabric its kinda hard but you will have a nice and comfortable arm rest, its a hard work but at the end it pays off and looks good you can buy the leather cover on Ebay theres a guy that sells all kind for color arm rest leather covers check it out
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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