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I got a used LOCKED to Tmob blackberry 8700g for sale. This was a replacement phone I received from Tmob when my old 8700g broke and this was the replacement phone under warranty. I've only had this phone for less than 3 months.

The blackberry has the latest handheld OS software and I also installed a few applications with it,like- BB Weather, Berry411, Google Maps, JIVE Talk and Opera Mini Beta 1.02

I will also include with it the stock battery and door and ALSO the extended battery with the door. I have the belt holster, charger and MIGHT have the box with the instructions also-I just have to look for it.

The phone has a screen protector-so the screen is MINT. The phone has a few scratches from desk diving and taking it off/on the holster.

Im looking to get $185 for it SHIPPED plus the 3% paypal fee.
Email me at [email protected] if seriously interested.

Thanks for looking and Good Luck!!


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