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Stock CD Changer and aftermarket decks

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I'm considering replacing my stock HU with an aftermarket one.

1) Has anyone done this and kept the CD Changer

2) Where did you find the CD Changer adapter?

3) Are the adapters model specific or general?

4) Does anyone know how to defeat the 'increasing volume at speed' feature on the stock decks (we're talking 98 E36 here)? I really hate that 'feature'.

Thanks hommies.
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i tried and was unsuccessful. i was told if the car is recent in production and you are getting an aftermarket ALPINE deck (since alot of bmw cd changers are by alpine), they should find a way to do it.
from what I hear you can buy an adapter, try both bav auto and crutchfield.
Thanks guys, much appreciated.

Anyone know anything about defeating that volume feature?
Originally posted by woobiee@Apr 10 2003, 02:34 AM
what do you mean?
The stock head units (at least in my car, maybe I'm imagining it. I don't think so though) have a feature that raises the volume as the car gains speed. It kicks in around 40, or so. It's a feature I had on an ACDelco HU in my Cavalier. Ended up blowing my speakers because of it (It tries to get REALLY loud when your doing 80). I may just pull the HU and see what I can finger out.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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