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SS resonator???

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ok another supersprint question.

Anyone know anything about the SS resonator? Does it replace the cats? Is it similar to the AA track pipe? What is the noise like?

I am now thinking of putting SS headers and the resonator to match my SS DTM exhaust. What do you all think?
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Changing the whole exhaust from header to rear muffler is very wise, as Supersprint guarantees that their producs really adds additional power.

We can sell you the header, SS# 785501 at $ 650,-
And the Rep Cat(resonater), SS# 785402 at $ 400,-

Or both in same shipment = $ 1.000,-

Parts are in stock
wow :eek: :eek:

That price is amazing for the headers!! Damn!!

I think I am going to take you up on that offer, I'll send you a PM. Maybe start a group buy or something.
wow 650 for the headers? are u sure its 6cycl ? anyway... nice price.
yup, the part number is the correct number for the M3.
:unsure: :unsure:

Bummer - I made a typo in my last price.

The price including shipping and everythign will be a bit higher.

But let me hear the price range that these products will be attractive - Our listing price will be some what higher but in order to correct my typo, am I willing to sell some few pieces at a good price.

Maybe the first group buy setup after the server chrash.

The Resonator price is ok - but the header price is with error.

So guys - let me hear what price range I can expect on a set like this.
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Originally posted by [email protected]@Apr 10 2003, 02:21 PM
but the header price is with error.

i was goin to say..6xx is a big ass steal for headers if they were that cheap
I can get Hiop headers for 600 and less and they are bolt-on to oem cats which will fit to my AA track pipe also.
Originally posted by [TMD]Kit@Apr 11 2003, 12:56 AM
I can get Hiop headers for 600 and less and they are bolt-on to oem cats which will fit to my AA track pipe also.
they also only gain 2-3 hp, SS gains 10-15. That is what evosport says and they sell both.
i have never tried but i am going try these hiop headers and let u know, of course i will dyno my car as well.

This is some discussion about the hiop headers.
cool, I will do the same with the SS headers and resonator.
I just called to join a HIOP headers group buy.
I should have them after 2 weeks. B)
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