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I have a 2004 E46 325 Ci Convertible and i really need some help. I have search the internet for weeks, signed up to endless forums and spoken to BMW Mechanics (Who wont Help Me).

I have installed a Kenwood DV3200 Sat Nav unit, it requires a connection to the Speed Sensor wire. In my endless searching i have found (not that it helps me):

The cable runs to the Instrument Cluster
Is part of the stock radio wiring loom
It runs over the top of the fuse box above the Glove Box

I need to know what colour the wire is. I cannot find a wiring diagram that refers to the colour. Is there anyone that can, please, tell me what colour the wire is and where the best place to tap into it is. I would rather not strip the instrument cluster, I am confident in what i can do but the instrument cluster would be a first for me.

Thanks in advance


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