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In addition to stocking auto and body parts at great low prices, also carries tools. The tools are listed under the “Extras” tab at the top of the RockAuto online catalog.

There are familiar tools like sockets, air hammers, and battery chargers. There are also interesting new tools that we at RockAuto now can’t imagine living without. One of those is K Tool’s extension cord with the light bulb embedded in a clear socket. Plug the extension cord in and watch for the light at the other end to confirm that there is power. The bulb in the cord helps troubleshoot problems like a power tool that suddenly stops or a string of Christmas lights that will not light. The cord comes in 25 and 50-ft lengths and is found under Extras/Electrical/Shop Light at RockAuto.

RockAuto hopes that the variety of tools offered in the RockAuto catalog make your life as a Do-It-Yourselfer much easier!
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