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I know this topic has been over done on the site but I had to let you all know about a new wax/polish that I just put on my ride. I purchased it from recently because it can be applied in direct sun (up to 95F).

Last Saturday, I used it in direct sun at about 80F. It went on extremely easy and came of just as easy. I probably applied it a little too thick but that's okay. There was a bit of white residue in a few places that I removed with a damp towel.

Before starting, I went over the car with my finger tips and noted that I would probably have to claybar it or use some of that Gel-gloss stuff I'm always talking about to remove the tiny blemishes. I didn't have time so I just went ahead with the waxing with this product.

The results were beyond expectation.

Not only did the product "smooth" out the paint, the shine (with one coat) was as deep and bright as any I've seen, especially the ones that take several steps and multiple coats. I even had trouble putting my car cover on because it would so easily slip off the car as I unfurled it. It is smoother than when first picked up the car new from the dealer. I'd say it's about 2-3 times "thicker" than any wax I've used in the past 20 years (meguiars, nufinish, bmw, blue coral, etc.). When I put on a second coat I'll let you know how it turned out and if it's even necessary.

Here's some info from the web site:
-The longer Solar Polish dries..the easier it comes off
-Formulated for All Car Finishes
-Also works great on Glass, Vinyl, Stainless Steel, Chrome & Polished Aluminum
-Reduced Dust Formula Designed for Professional Detailer's

" Solar Polish Car Polish Leaves a deep detergent resistant, static free shine"

Next I will be polishing my rims and windows. I'll let you know how it worked and how long it lasts on the car. If you buy this product, be sure and shake it for several minutes before you use it.

Update: Polished one front rim (style 122) with this stuff. It's really smooth. I'll let you know if it helps with brake dust removal.

Note: I have no interest (financial or otherwise) in this company.
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