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My automatic 1994 520i 2.0 runs like its towing boat.

Please help my BMW has very slow acceleration under 3000 revs.

Engine dosnt blow smoke , no knocking or unusual noises. Not sure how long its been sluggish as i only brought it 1 week ago.
Idle is very smooth tho and engine isn't difficult to start, slight hesitation when throttle is pushed then it very slowly gets up in revs ( makes it to red line happily, just very slowly) revs freely (nicely) when in neutral.I had it in at the garage and they changed plugs, looked at exhaust, and timing , they had no idea, cost me 250 NZ dollars .
I don't think they hooked it up to dialysis.
Ive changed the fuel filter ( it was the original so i'm guessing the maintenance probably hasn't been kept up to date. When i start it after it has sat over night it runs perfectly but only for the first 20 seconds max ( or 300 meters of driving then back to its sluggish self.

Keen to sort this issue. any help would be greatly appreciated...
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