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Shocks for 328i convertible?

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:help I have a 1997 328i convertible with over 70000 miles on it (rough road, mostly) and the car is acting like it needs new rear shocks (or shock mounts -I read the FAQ section). Since it has the factory sport package the dealership has quoted over $1600 to replace the dampers all-around (OUCH!)

This is primarily my wife's car and she does NOT want to lower it, so no suggestions for dampers that require dedicated lowering springs be used. We want to keep the stock ride height as much as possible.

Any suggestions for shocks? I have a performance shop near me that can get and install just about make for shocks and struts but they are clueless as to recommendations for what would work best in this car.

If it matters, we run 225/50-16 Yokohama AVS Es 100s in the summer and 205/60-15 snow tires in the winter.
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probably bilstein touring shocks. i think its $224 for a set of 4, or if you want a firmer more stable ride then get the bilstein HD's for around $339.
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