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South Florida Euros - Home/ - in progress

Lately the scene in South Florida has been growing with Euro Enthusiast. It’s time to present SFE- “South Florida Euro's" We invite every Euro/ Car Enthusiast out there whether your bone stock or have thousands of dollars in modifications! Our meets will be held every Thursday nights! The meets will start hopefully sometime in Late Jan or the First Thurs of February. This gives we, the organizers, time to speak with owners of where the meet will be held at (Around the vicinity of 120ST SW 137 AVE) and for those of you who would like to attend to spread the word around town!

Who: South Fl Euros

What: A Euro Meet!

When: Every Thurs of the month, starting Feb 4th at 8-830. til whenever.

Why: Cause there isn’t anything going on Thursday nights anyways except for ricers on 167th & *88th

Where: 120 st & 137 ave (London Square) in the parking lot in between payless and starbucks!

There will be no racing at our weekly meets. None what so ever, There are cops within a quarter mile range of the location. We can plan track days accordingly.

Let us know if you’re interested in attending!

Car Viynl Logo's that will be handed out the first meet


Availible in black or white

First come first serve at the meet.

We are in the process of making T-shirts and Hoodies.
Idea's are welcome!

See you guys soon!

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