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A couple days ago, an airbag light on came on, came on my 2003 Mini Cooper S R53. And I was confused on how to settle it dowm. Above all, it was principle to find out the possible faults causing this problem.

Therefore, I especailly consulted my technician frined. From his analysis, it might be a connection issue or whether the airbag tends to be out of work?
In order to find the exact problem, I even posted it on the form and hope to get other possible reasons and also the solution.
Here a China auto diagnostic tool has been highly recommended, i.e. Creator C310 BWM code reader. At that time, I found it on Uobd2 priced at US$65, I bought it without hesitation become I thought the price is worth a trial.

And then, I started to use this tool to read the fault code. Careful check done on 2 plugs under the seat (yellow and blue) to verify it in normal work, so poor connection issue was deleted. Next came to test the second possibility. I directly connected Creator C310 to my car, and tried to read the fault code. Fault code was found and can be easily eliminated via the device, Nice Work.
For me, a green hand, while I can use it without difficulty. Creator C310 is indeed worth buying.
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