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So the SES light is on and I got the codes read at AutoZone and came up with the following:

P0128: Coolant Temperature Below Thermostat Regulating Temperature

Probable cause is a faulty thermostat which, I hear, is a common problem in e46's.

P1193: Post Catalyst fuel trim system bank 2

Probable cause is a faulty MAF meter.

The engine heats up fine...maybe a little slow, but it doesn't over heat. So I'm assuming the Thermostat is stuck open. Either way I think I'll leave that until the spring to replace and just keep an eye on the temp.

As far as the 1193 code, have you guys seen that before? I found some cheap, new MAF's on ebay for $75...which is way better than the $300+ that Bav Auto is selling them for. Since then, I've cleaned the MAF with MAF cleaner and I kinda think I'll just wait it out to see if the codes disappear after a few weeks.

The car runs normal. It seems exactly the same as it always has...just that dumb SES light.

Am I right in thinking all this? Would you guys have any recommendation as to what I should do?

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