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Of all the tips and tricks that are known to save fuel on modern cars, one that often gets overlooked is getting the right set of tires mounted up. Fuel-efficient tires are designed to last longer and perform better while saving fuel and reducing emissions in the process.

For more than 100 years, Michelin has innovated to improve the energy efficiency of the tire. Today the company offers a wide selection of fuel-efficient tires that are up to 8% more fuel-efficient than other tires on the market to save your money. They feature EnergySaver Construction combined with a special type of tread rubber that keeps the tire cooler helping your engine to improve its fuel efficiency.

Michelin fuel-efficient tires would be perfect for drivers looking to maximize fuel economy without compromising on long tread life and all-season safety.

#1 Pilot Sport A S 3


  • Variable Contact Patch 2.0 and asymmetric tread pattern for maximized dry grip and long tread life
  • Tread compound boosted with high levels of silica for shorter wet braking
  • Helio Compound with sunflower oil for improved traction in cold weather
  • Large tread grooves to enable fast water evacuation for maximum contact of rubber and road
#2 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2


  • Race-inspired design to provide faster circuit times
  • Advanced Bi-Compound technology to ensure precision steering and excellent dry traction on tight corners
  • 20% deeper tread depth than the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup+ for enhanced wet grip and reduced aquaplaning
  • Variable Contact Patch 3.0 with a reinforced shoulder construction for maximum longevity and grip
#3 Michelin LTX


  • Stops shorter for added safety
  • Advanced MaxTouch construction to ensure even wear and long-lasting service
  • Made from the highest-quality materials for utmost reliability
#4 Michelin Defender T H


  • Unique construction and durable tread compound for long-lasting service life
  • IntelliSipe technology and special rain grooves to ensure uncompromising safety
  • Comfort Control technology to deliver a quiet, comfortable ride
#5 Michelin Premier A S


  • Advanced EverGrip technology to increase wet performance, reducing aquaplaning
  • Silica-based compound to improve wet grip
  • Made from the highest-quality materials for excellent wear resistance

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