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Boy do I feel really dumb - but I'm glad I fixed the problem.

When I replaced my fuel pump, I also replaced the crankshaft position sensor. To get to the sensor, I removed the cooling fan and moved the distributor cap out of the way. Well, in moving the distributor cap, two of the wires cames loose (plugged in but not all the way).

I was out dinking with it today and I decided to check for fouled spark plugs. As I was checking plugs, I decided to be sure cables were tight on distibutor cap and thats when I noticed two were not seated good.

I also decided to replace the spark plugs - someone had put in the Platinum tip variety and I thought I read something out here that said those were not recommended.

So with a new fuel pump, new plugs and everything plugged in tight - the car runs great (for a car with almost 163K miles on it). Woohoo!

Thanks to all of you for your guidance in my previous threads.
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