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Requesting info on the E46 Steptronic's P R N D m/s +- LED Indicator Plate

As I'm in the middle of a break thru of retrofitting the DCT sport lever into our E46 cars.

Does anyone know or have a link to info on which of these pin wires light up and ground the indicator panel. There are 5 white wires leaving the plate on the black connector and 6 that either leave or enter the plate on two small 3 pin connector.

I only got this far because of the work MITe46 did back in 2003. But he didn't mention the pin out location for the LED gear indicator on the display plate. I'm counting 11 pin/wires leaving/entering the plate.

Here is the DCT lever:

and it's 12 pin connector:

So far I have figured them out and matched them to what pin leads light up which gear indicator but I need the information on the E46 steptronic gear display plate.

And here are the gear display modes of the DCT lever:

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I found all the wires I need to tap into:

And thanks to SubZeroe46's diagram and list it will be easier than previously thought

The M gearknob (I'm not exactly sure if it's M3 or M5 or both) wiring is as follows:

Pin1 (white wire): "R" indicator
Pin2: "N" indicator
Pin3: "D/S" indicator
Pin4: 0V/Ground for parking/driving light illumination } dim lighting
Pin5: +12V for for parking/driving light illumination }
Pin6: +12V for the brighter "R", "N" and "D/S" indicator

X1599 is the big white connector:
Pin2: brown wire (not to be connected)
Pin3: red wire
Pin4: orange wire
Pin5: yellow wire

X1193 is the small white connector
Pin1: grey/red wire
Pin2: brown/black wire (ground)

X1600 is the small maroon/purple connector
Pin1: blue/white wire
Pin2: red/orange wire

X1599, X1193 and X1600 all these connects to the underside of the gearlever faceplate.

And the ones I need to switch to make my 1998 to 2001 E46 m/s + and - upshift/downshift pattern flip to match the - and + upshift/downshift pattern on 2002 to 2005 E46 cars and the pattern on the knob.

Thanks for your help and will be sure to get this DIY by next week.
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