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The top dog at BMW's M division is pushing hard with the German automakers corporate brass to get the go-ahead to build an M car based on the 1 Series. In an interview with U.K. car site, PistonHeads, Dr. Kay Segler said he is looking to build an M-car, based on the next generation 1 Series.

There's no telling what this M-car might be, especially as the current 135i is already such an impressive performer with a serious amount of horsepower. That being said, it would only seem logical that an actual M-car based on the 1 Series would be a raw driving experience with a reduced weight. Dr. Segler did say that a more affordable model underneath the M3 was a top priority. One has to think an easy way to reduce weight would be with a turbocharged 4-cylinder.

With the next 1 Series platform reportedly set to spawn a long list of vehicles, from roadsters, to crossovers, there's also a strong possibility of an M version of the (still hypothetical) Z2.

The only problem would come in naming the car, with the M1 moniker no doubt either reserved for a wild exotic (like the original) or retired to the BMW hall of fame.

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