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The BMW M3 Sedan will reportedly be phased out when the next generation (F30) M3 debuts. BimmerFile cites its inside sources at BMW, who claim dismal sales for the high-powered 4-door are mainly to blame. The cost of building the M3 sedan was also prohibitive as BMW spent a good deal tweaking the car to make it handle the way it does. Interestingly, the reason the car was every offered in the first place was due to demand in the U.S., but it never panned out.

As it stands, when the F30 M3 debuts expect the coupe model to be followed shortly thereafter by a convertible – but that's it.

If its any consolation, BimmerFile also reports that a high-performance 3 Series sedan will be offered, along the lines of the current 335is.

More: Report: BMW M3 Sedan to be Phased Out With Current Generation on
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