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There are also sensors in windshield wipers, optical or capacitive, to monitor rainfall. So the same as tire sensor and O2 sensor, we need to write the new sensor info into ECU after replacing or repairing windshield wiper, I would like to call it initialization. Mostly is to adjust the initial position.


Keep car stay in horizontal

Make sure battery level enough, no obstacles on the window

Don’t use brute force when adjusting the windshield wiper manually, or it would burn the windshield wiper engine.


Choose the correct car model, in my case is Ford Kuga 2013

Choose the correct system

And the tool reminds to do the initialization inside the car

Check car status and if the windshield wiper is correctly installed, battery voltage is enough, windshield glass is clean and dry. If meets requirements, turn ignition ON

This step is pure manual operation:

Swipe down windshield wiper 3 times within 5s but in even pace

Swipe up to initial spot, buckling it to A shape

Swipe down to standard spot

Turn ignition OFF

Done, actually, the most difficult part for initialize windshield wiper is the manual operation, and different cars have different procedures.

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In order to avoid the phenomenon of blurred windshield,we should make should the following things.
First of all, we have to check whether there are some foreign matters on the wiper. If so, it needs to be removed. Otherwise, it will have a great impact on the wiper effect, which is what we call the "misty state" today, and there may be obvious abnormal noises. The second problem is the angle of the wiper. If the angle is not correct, it will cause the wiper to shake up and down (uneven force) when working, which will also affect the wiper effect, so the owner only needs to adjust it slightly.

Then if there is an oil film on the glass, it will also cause the wiper not clean. After all, the hydrophobicity of this film is very poor. Then we can pour a bottle of water directly on the windshield. If we find a lot of small water droplets attached to it, it means that the glass has an oil film. At this time, it is necessary to remove the oil film on the glass with a strong cleaning effect (glass cleaner) as soon as possible. After all, this is related to driving safety, so don't underestimate this problem.
My BMV 7 series windshield wiper also had this problem. But my friends told me those advice.
Hope these can help you.
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