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Renew your Dirty Peeling BMW Console Trim For Free Pictorial DIY (Part 2)

This is a second edition to a previous thread I created a week or so ago.

This time I found my old coin holder trim (that I took off long ago when I bought my car) that was sitting under the kitchen sink awaiting to be thrown out. The dealership sells these for about $50 and they sell in brand new condition on eBay or online from $25 and up so I didn't care to keep it or sell it. It was really old looking, dirty and just all around shredded.

Anyway, finding it over the weekend made me think that it was going to be perfect for a DIY model for showing the community step by step how to do this relatively easy and unknown trick that will renew and restore the trim to factory new.

Here is a before and after picture to demonstrate how serious I am:

This DIY takes about 5 minutes or less and only requires hot water, dish soap and a dish sponge with a scrub back: All things you will find in any household kitchen for free.

Start with a boiled kettle of water:

Get your trim, scrubbie sponge, soap and mix it all together with a little elbow grease and hot water:

As you scrub and wipe the rubber top coat will melt right off the top revealing a clean brand new under layer:

With in 3 to 5 minutes....voila!

Then you replace everything: Here I bought a new Cup Holder unit trim from the dealership for my car at the time I bought the car that I never used since I also got a Euro Tray from eBay. So you can see how factory new the Coin Holder unit trim is next to the factory new Cup Holder.

One side note that I mentioned in the previous DIY is that when you renew the tan beige trim the plastic under the rubber will look slightly lighter than other trim that still has the rubber coat on. So you may end up having to do the entire console trim units and base around the armrest to get everything looking factory new and OEM.

You can see what I mean in this picture.

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