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I took my car to mechanic for 1 coil spring, balljoint, washer nozzles, etc,...

We are waiting for parts so on the way home(~10mi), The RED battery symbol came on, and also the RED left front low beam signal came on together..

I took it home and checked the battery terminals, and indeed the neutral terminal was loose, so i tightened it thinking it would fix the problem,. No.

I turned the car back on and still the Red battery light remained on, but the red low beam indicator turned off.

The car still Runs but i wonder what it is? A failing alternator? Would cleaning the battery terminals possibly fix it?


What is the running voltage of the car battery,
The voltage of the car battery when it is turned off,
The voltage when the accesories are turned on BUT NOT engine?
And what is the voltage of the battery when the ignition is being turned over and the engine starts running?

Will my Craftsman Category II - 600 volt metre suffice? Would the CRANKING AMPS of the car battery destroy my metre??

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