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It was kinda of race but not really... we never lined up. :idea2

I was just cruzing in the middle lane of a major street late around 8 oclock when from the right lane a small neon flies by me.... The dual exhuast came to me as a suprise so I soon realized it was a SRT....

I downshifted to 3rd and swithed lanes to follow him... The road open up ahead of us but he was was ahead already... He slowed down and I caught up to him but at the red light he to the front lane of the middle lane and I got stuck behind him....

When green turned he floored it but had really bad tire spin... I was right behind....

In the middle of the intersection he swithed to the left and I stayd in the middle.... His car flew... :ph34r: I pulled on him around 60mph and by 100 I was ahead... it was more of a game of chicken cause I was a major intersection so I think he pussied out....
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