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R44 Performance Fit EBC Brakes Race Products On Their G80 M3

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R44 Performance are a UK based detailing, styling and performance workshop that focus on BMW's and Audi's as well as a couple other specific models to create and maintain some of the most well kept and stunning cars out there.

In the below video, they fit their 720hp Mexico Blue G80 M3 with EBC Brakes 2-Piece Floating Rotors and RPX pads front and rear, and take it for a little test drive.

Their list of Audi's and BMW's they work on is immense, but they also work on Porche 911's, Toyota Supra Mk5 A90, Mercedes C63 and Tesla Model 3's.

So check out their site at this link here where you can see the extent of their services as well as some interesting blog posts,
and follow them on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook to keep up to date with their ongoings and latest rides!
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