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wats good fellas . well got a quick question , my dam check engine light keeps going on and off like on and off thru out the day not like one day its on the next its not , and well yesterday i noticed when i turned the car on . while it was cold. (first start of the day) it did like that "blum, blum , blum"" sh!Tan shook the car a bit, the rpm looked to be going down but stayed around 450ish felt like it was going to shut off. .. which is wierd cuz it did that again today but i just gae it sum gas and rev'''d it a bit and it warmed up and drove good as always. i took it out drifting a few corners since its nice and rainy out and all was good .

what could cause this. cold start shakes

thanks for any suggestions ideas flames anything. gracias:eek:hnoes
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